"For the first time, Thomas felt a little empathy for Gally, he did have a point about how Newt was treating him. Gally was a Keeper, after all. But I still hate him Thomas thought." x

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"His desire to become a runner had taken a major blow. But he had to do it. Somehow he knew he had to do it. It was such an odd thing to feel, especially after what he’d just seen… Thomas knew he was a smart kid - he somehow felt it in his bones. But nothing about this place made any sense. Except for one thing. He was supposed to be a runner. Why did he feel that so strongly? And even now, after seeing what lived in the maze?” 

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  • being in a fandom long term: urrrrrrrrrrgh not this shitty argument again we've covered this
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Run like your life depends on it. Cause it does 


the maze runner appreciation week

↪  day two: favorite relationship → newmas

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The Maze Runner Appreciation Week

day 3: favorite scene ➸ Chapter 56 // gladers vs. grievers

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“SPOILER: He loves cheese, he remembered sweet things about his family right before the end, and he was reincarnated as a parrot that becomes Thomas’s talking pet.” —

James answering “Can you tell us 3 unknown/not mentioned facts about newt? (try not to make hem all depressing please) (x)

oh my god. that was my question.
I want the first two parts to be true so bad, but the last one makes me feel like he was just messing with me.
i hate you james

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it’s the maze runner appreciation week!! :D i don’t think i’d be able to keep up with it all, so instead, have a maze runner sketch dump and a short essay! these sketches are the better ones haha

newt’s my favourite glader (with minho as a close second)

my favourite relationships are the friendships between the gladers—especially tommy & chuck, and newt, minho & either tommy or alby (unfortunately not both at the same time, ‘cuz alby never really trusted tommy sigh)

i love the series because it’s more action-based instead of romantic—it’s fast-paced and i literally couldn’t put the books down (i pulled an all-nighter to finish the death cure LOL)—and i also really like the characters and glader slang (i’d love to have a pencil case with “klunk” on it hehe)

can’t wait for the movie!

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maze runner + colour palette

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Anonymous Question:
more minho art (:! more thominho! i love your art! please more!
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