Thomas felt a pang of guilt over Chuck—felt sorry for him. The kid tried so hard to be everyone’s friend, but no one seemed to like him or even pay attention to him.

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We made it TMR fandom.

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I’ll just leave this here

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Everything is going to change.(x)

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When the Maze is ever-changing, which way do you run?

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the maze runner + random textures [click to enlarge]

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  Hey Newt!
  Yes, what’s the matter Minho?
  Does your leg hurt from running through my dream last night? ~~~~ 

I’m sorry not sorry I just had to.
Oh and yes Newt has his hair in a small bun.

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the new tmr trailer got me all hyped up so I drew up a little bit of thominewt being all cute and playful n_n

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Great promotion for this movie

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